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Chevrolet Corvette

chevrolet corvette 1957

The Chevrolet Corvette is a major family of American sports cars. The first Corvette, was a direct reflection of America in the 1950s. The Corvette name was the brainchild of Myron Scott, head photographer for Chevrolet. The original Corvette logo featured a checkered flag crossed with a flag bearing the Chevrolet logo and a fleur de lys. For over 50 years, it flooded the market with legendary sports cars, coupes, and convertibles, and is currently in its 7th generation on the market.

The first Corvette was produced in 1953, and has been one of the great American automobile icons ever since. It was a small two-seat fiberglass roadster, a completely new concept for a mass-produced car, and featured a 150 horsepower V6 engine. 300 Corvettes were produced in the first year. In 1959, it generated 360 horsepower, powered by a V8 engine. Then came the 1961, considered the most successful of all Corvette models by collectors, especially in Europe, where it is particularly rare.

In 1968, the Corvette was redesigned inside and out, and the Chevrolet coupe was given two removable t-tops and a retractable rear window. The style was very aggressive, keeping with Corvette standards. This generation saw the appearance of the Stingray, the flagship Corvette model, produced until 1977. GM increased the displacement of all small-block engines from 327 to 350 cubic inches, and big blocks from 427 to 454 cubic inches. The switch to unleaded gas and new air quality standards reduced the power of the engines in this generation, to 165 horsepower for an L48 engine. New technological innovations made it possible to better reconcile the pollution/engine power ratio as the coming years went by. The most sought-after model of this generation is the extremely rare 1969 Corvette ZL-1, with engineering borrowed from the Chevrolet Camaro. These motors were even sold to racing teams due to their enviable power.

The second generation was created by Larry Shinoda and launched in 1963, and was produced for 4 years. 1964would see the arrival of the "Split Window" on Corvettes, which was a hit with consumers. The flagship model in this era was the Sting Ray (initially written in two words). Power for these models ranged between 260 and 375 horsepower. In 1966, one "Big Block" model was available, nominally rated at 438 HP, but experts calculated it at over 550. These Corvettes, produced in very small quantities (20 in all) now sell at auction for upwards of $500,000, which makes it the most expensive Corvette for sale.

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