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In 1893, the Pontiac was founded by Edward M. Murphy. In the beginning a sub-brand of the giant, General Motors, Pontiac continued to gain popularity, until becoming a brand of its own.

The Pontiac name refers to a great American Indian chief, and it is also the name of the Detroit suburb where the company originated.

The logo represents a stylized arrow, to pay tribute to the Indian chief and to the American Indians.

The first Pontiac automobile was not launched until 1925. That year, 75,000 cars were sold. The brand took advantage of a very affordable price and an excellent quality/price ratio. The 1929 stock market crash stunted the brand's development, but sales took off again in the 1930s, spurred by major technological advances. Thus, the "Stylish" 6 or 8 cylinder steel engines made great progress, but prices stayed the same. So Pontiac naturally speed into 4th place in the race for best American car maker in this period.

But the brand's real success would be after the war. Production resumed with the launch of the Pontiac Star Chief in the 1950s. From there, Pontiac got involved in auto racing, in order to develop its image. Its engines became increasingly high performance over the following years. In 1964 the most famous of the Pontiacs was released, the Pontiac GTO. The ten millionth was built in this period, the Pontiac Catalina.The CEO at the time was John Z. DeLorean.

After the oil crisis of 1970, Pontiac made a comeback with the Trans AM. The brand stayed in business until 2009, with many hits, such as the Pontiac Sunfire, Grand Prix, Bonneville, and the famous Firebird. Following the overall crisis in the American auto industry, General Motors announced the end of production.

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