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Mercury vintage collection

Mercury, a firm owned by the U.S. giant, Ford Motor Company, is a brand founded in 1939 by Edsel Ford, the only son of company founder Henry Ford. Mercury was, in the beginning, intended to position Ford in the high-end car market, at the time dominated by brands such as Pontiac, Buick or Chrysler by offering cars that were fancier than the Fords of the era.

The brand was then represented by a logo featuring the Greek god of trade, messengers, and travel: Mercury (Hermes).

The creation of Mercury boosted Ford sales, with production reaching 100,000 vehicles in 1941, before dropping off due to the war. Unfortunately, Edsel Ford died of cancer in 1943. Two years later, his father merged the Mercury division with the Lincoln division, then called Lincoln-Mercury. Instead of selling a high-end Ford, Henry Ford was banking on the Mercury as a "little Lincoln".

Despite good sales in the early 1950s, with over 340,000 vehicles rolling off the assembly lines, the Mercury name began to lose some of its luster as the years went by. The coupe version of the Mercury Eight de 1949 Mercury Eight was a big hit when driven by James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause". Despite this, the idea of a "Junior Lincoln" never really took hold with Americans. When the Edsel firm was added to Lincoln-Mercury, hopes were pinned on Edsel , presumed to have the same prestige as its predecessors. But its particular style didn't work, and the project was abandoned in 1960, 3 years after its launch...

While it was smooth sailing for Lincoln, with excellent sales for the Continental series, the Mark series, and the Town Car, Mercury was slowly foundering. Its models, quietly becoming simple remakes of Ford models, saw their sales figures decline until 2009, when 92,000 vehicles were sold. The last Mercury, a Grand Marquis

, rolled off the Canadian assembly line in Saint Thomas, Canada on January 4, 2011.

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