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Lincoln is a branch of the giant Ford Motor Company, specializing in luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. The company was founded in 1917 by Henry M.Leland, former director of the Cadillac division (owned by General Motors), and his son, Wilfred Lincoln. Leland named the company after his hero, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is known for being the official brand of the White House since 1939.

Initially profitable from assembling aircraft engines in the Second World War, Lincoln, launched in 1917, retooled its factories after the war in order to use them for the production of luxury automobiles. Ford Motors Company then acquired the company in 1922, in light of the potential shown by Henry Leland.

The company first ran into significant financial difficulty in the early 1920s. After producing a series of 150 Lincoln L models in 1922, the company was bought out by Ford for $8,000,000, some of which went to pay off creditors.

This was a veritable personal triumph for Henry Ford, who had been mistreated by Leland's group of investors in the past. Henry Ford had previously produced luxury vehicles under the Ford badge, such as the Ford Model B in 1904, the Ford Model F in 1905, and the Ford Model K in 1906, whose sales had never paid off. When Ford acquired Lincoln, it became one of the major luxury automobile brands in the US, alongside Cadillac, Pierce Arrow, Duesenberg, Packard... After the takeover by Ford, Lincoln's sales exploded to 5512 vehicles between March and December 1922.

In 1939, Lincoln supplied its first automobile to the White House, for use by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This was to become a lasting tradition: Lincolns were used by many presidents, including Harry Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, John Fitzgerald Kennedy...who was assassinated in a 1961 Lincoln Continental.

Today, Lincoln is the most prestigious branch of the Ford empire. Ford tried to rejuvenate the Lincoln range with the Zephyr, which subsequently became the Lincoln Zephyr-MKZ, and which represents an advance towards renewal, by offering a cleaner style and more pleasant driving experience. Currently, Lincoln features a range of three sedans and three SUVs, luxury derivatives of Ford U.S. models. Although mainly sold in North America and the Middle East, Ford also has been selling the Lincoln brand in China since 2014.

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