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Back to the Future GMC

GMC, once known as GM Trucks, is a subsidiary of General Motors. This brand is very well-known for its utility vehicles, vans and light trucks. In the past, the company produced a wide range of heavy vehicles, from semis to firetrucks, military vehicles, ambulances, buses, etc. This brand was, just a short time ago, the second biggest seller for General Motors, just behind Chevrolet.

The company's story begins in 1901, when Max Grabowski launched "The Rapid Motor Vehicle Company". It sold the very first commercial trucks in history. The company was quickly bought out by General Motors, in 1909, to become the General Motors Truck Company, which became GMC.

General Motors also acquired a small independent company, the "Reliance Motor Car Company", and merged it with GMC to form GMC Truck in 1912. The brand broke a few records:
- In 1916, by crossing the United States from East to West in 30 days,
- In 1926, a similar record, by crossing from New York to San Francisco in 5 days and 30 minutes.

During the Second World War, GMC Truck helped the war effort, by producing some 600,000 vehicles for the U.S. Army.
In 1966, GM Truck was split off to become the GMC that we know today.

Today, most GMC models are similar to those from the Chevrolet division, with their distinction being mostly esthetic. GMC are still the standard for utility vehicles for many people.

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