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Ford is probably the best known of all American car makers. Its story begins in 1903 with the founding of the Ford Motor Company by Henry Ford in Michigan. Initially represented by a logo with an "art nouveau" finish and border, the company has been represented by the famous Ford oval for over 50 years. The Ford company revolutionized the world of industrial production and was able to change our way of living by offering automobiles to every social class.

Henry Ford was one of the main shareholders (25%) since its launch, which made him the chief engineer as well as vice chairman. The first car was sold on July 23, 1903. In 1906, Henry Ford became CEO, and thus began his dream: to produce a car that was inexpensive, reliable, and easy to drive. The Ford Model T, released in 1908, easily met all these criteria and was a clear success. Between 1908 and 1927, no less than 15 million Ford Model Ts were built.

Henry Ford instituted a new working method: the assembly line. Thus, the construction time of a car was radically lowered, going from 6.5 hours to 1.5. The worker remains at his station and the parts move past him. Fordism was born. The Ford Model T was replaced by the Ford Model A en 1927, and Ford gained a presence in Europe. Starting in 1932, Ford became the first automaker to sell V8 engines. In September 1945, his grandson, Henry Ford II succeeded him as company chairman. Henry Ford received the Golden Jubilee from the auto industry, for the advances he made in the business. The postwar Ford company was in a bad position; its models were old and outdated. In order to face the competition, Henry Ford II decentralized the company. Thus, some 44 production plants, 18 assembly plants, and 32 distribution centers were built around the world.

In 1964, the most famous American car was born... The famous Ford Mustang, an article on which is available here. It was an immediate success; 100,000 cars were sold in the first quarter. Since then, nearly 7 million Mustangs have been sold.

Ford, like GM and Chrysler, was hard hit by the introduction of Japanese cars on the auto market. For a while, the group even lost its place as number two biggest auto maker in the world, to Toyota. A severe restructuring policy, as well as adapting the brand to the European market eventually bore fruit in the 1980s. Ford then acquired Aston Martin (1987), Jaguar in 1989 and Volvo in 1999. With the Lincoln-Mercury division, these acquisitions placed Ford among the top luxury car makers in the world, behind Mercedes-Chrysler and General Motors. Ford found the path to success and racked up the profits, estimated at billions of dollars annually...The saga is far from over!

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