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Dodge is an American maker of automobiles and trucks. Founded by the Dodge brothers in 1914, the company quickly joined the Chrysler group in 1928. The Dodge is characterized by high-end automobiles, and delved very little into sporty models. Until 2010, its logo was represented by a ram's head, with the slogan: "Grab life". Dodge has not been present in Europe since the 2010s.

The two brothers first made their fortune in the bicycle industry, before being approached in 1902 by Henry Ford. They helped him finance his company, and became majority shareholders. When they sold off their shares in 1920, they had already grown to 25,000,000 dollars! But starting in 1914, they founded their own auto company in their name. They began as the main competitors to the Ford Model T at the time, since their model was similar. Their vehicles gained a reputation as being reliable and tough. They began building trucks for civilian use in 1917, as the United States headed to Europe in the First World War.

Despite a promising start, the company ran into trouble in 1920 following the death of one of the brothers to pneumonia. The second brother, inconsolable, died the following year of flu and cirrhosis of the liver. The company was the number two in sales in America at the time. The firm passed into the control of a banking group, and then was bought out by Walter Chrysler in 1928, making Dodge a brand of the Chrysler group.

During the Second World War, Dodge took part in the war effort by building bomber engines for the US Army Air Corps. Civilian production was converted entirely to producing military 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles. After the war, the late '40s led to a huge demand for new cars, so Dodge went back to its initial activities. In 1953, the release of the Dodge Hemi V8 marked the arrival of one of the most celebrated engines in automotive history.

Dodge was able to adapt perfectly to its contemporaries in the 1950s. Then, following the Baby Boom, the Regent and Mayfair, vehicles roomy enough to carry the whole family were a hit. They also developed a marketing campaign targeting women, a first in the industry. In 1967 the Dodge Coronet with its 375 HP V8 engine, was released, enabling Dodge to enter the Muscle Car era. Some connoisseurs feel that the Charger R/T was the ultimate Muscle Car, with its 440 Magnum V8 engine.

In the 1980s, pickup trucks, once intended for farms and jobsites, became popular. Known for its reliability, Dodge set the standard in this category, with its Dodge Ram line. The brand also made an unsuccessful attempt at gaining a foothold in Europe at the time. The pickup sizes allowed in Europe were too small, and Dodge had trouble finding buyers. Dodge has not been distributed in Europe since 2011.

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