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The brand was founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler out of the former Maxwell Motor Company, which was already producing vehicles under the Dodge name.Their first car, which was already released in 1924, very quickly took up a position on the American auto market. Also, between 1936 and 1950, Chrysler was the second largest U.S. auto maker. The firm attracted qualified engineers, giving it a technological lead in this time of prosperity.

Following this economically rich period, Chrysler then broke up into several well-known brands: Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSoto, Valiant, Imperial, and AMC until the late 1980s. In 60 years, Chrysler had evolved into a true automotive empire. Despite this, the company came close to bankruptcy on many occasions...

In the early 1930s, Chrysler was known as much for its repeated financial crises as for its technological triumphs. DeSoto and Dodge competed with the ranges of the other divisions in their own markets. During the Depression, Chrysler tried to stand out, launching the Chrysler Airflow, a radical model with its aerodynamic body, a revolutionary concept. The Airflow, with its forms derived from the aviation industry, was a great technological success (lighter body, speed records, etc.). Unfortunately, the Chrysler Airflow was not well-received by the public, and it was the modest Dodge and Plymouth divisions that helped Chrysler make it through the Great Depression, with more traditional, yet popular models.

Following the failure of the Chrysler Airflow, Chrysler was without any real technological innovations for several years, and took part in the war effort by producing 25 and 28 ton tanks and other war materiel for the Allied Forces in the Second World War. The Chrysler military division was in charge of producing M3 Lee tanks, the company's main source of revenue during this period. The division would endure over the following years, by producing a portion of the U.S. mechanized military arsenal.

After the war, Chrysler again experienced good and bad investments. In 1960, Chrysler was the first of the "Big Three" U.S. auto makers (Chrysler, Ford and General Motors) to feature a Unibody construction. This way, all Chrysler products were standardized, with the exception of the Chrysler Imperial. This system quickly became standard in the automotive industry. The new Valiant sedan quickly took off in the 1950s, and continued to gain market share for over a decade. This brand became a division unto itself, before being integrated by Plymouth in 1961. Starting in 1960, alternators replaced generators in Valiants, and were then offered standard in all 1961 models, an industry first. The DeSoto brand was discontinued after the launch of the 1961 models, due to the wide range of Dodges and with the overall abandonment of the division. The same problem affected the Plymouth brand when Dodge encroached upon the same price range as its sister company. This strange mixture caused a drop in Chrysler's sales and profitability for several years. In April 1964, Chrysler came out with the Plymouth Barracuda. Beating the Ford Mustang in its market segment for almost two weeks, it can be called the first Muscle Car. But, despite the better construction quality of the Barracuda, the Mustang always sold in higher quantities than the Barracuda.

The strong diversification and acquisition of many competing companies, following a strategy of offering a large range of vehicles for a variety of budgets, did not pay off and in 1979 Chrysler had to borrow 1.5 billion dollars from the US government in order to survive! But the group is also famous for introducing some models, like the Plymouth Road Runner, the Dodge Charger , the Plymouth Prowler and the Dodge Viper into the pantheon of legendary American cars...

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