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The American Motors Corporation, also known as AMC, was an American company founded in 1954 following the merger of Nash Motors and the Hudson Motor Cars Company. The purpose of this merger was to compete with the Big Three American car makers of the era (Chrysler, Ford , and GM ). The first vehicles to come out of this merger were the "Rambler", "Hornet", "Wasp", and "Ambassador".

In 1965 a crisis threatened the company, which was trying to get on its feet by producing the "Javelin", one of the company's most famous models. It was released as a V6 coupe, and then in sport variants. AMC experienced a recovery in the early 1970s, with the "Gremlin", an American sub-compact, based on the AMC "Hornet" chassis. Some 1,500,000 of these two additional models were sold between 1970 and 1977.

Spurred by this success, AMC set out to design two new models, the AMC "Pacer" and "Matador", instead of modernizing existing models. But their sales never took off, putting the company in a very difficult financial position in the 1980s. The competition was changing, with the arrival of the Japanese brands Datsun (Nissan), Honda, Toyota. AMC allied with Renault, with the production of the Renault 9 and Renault 11, called the Renault "Encore" in the States. After a brief spurt of competitiveness, AMC found itself forced to face bankruptcy or a buyout by Renault. In the end, Chrysler purchased the AMC stock from Renault, and used the AMC plants to produce the legendary Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, which were clear successes.

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