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Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang 1966

The Ford Mustang is one of the symbols of American cars. The most famous model produced by Ford Industries, represented by the grille emblem featuring a wild horse of the same name, is known the world over and has spanned the generations, becoming one of the most prized and appreciated collectible cars in the world.

After over a half century, the Mustang has already spanned 6 generations...

The first Ford Mustang was produced in 1964, filling a need for something new, coming on the heels of the U.S. Baby Boom. At the time, Ford had the image of being a "traditional" car. It immediately stood out, with its sporty look, its polished design, and an unprecedented marketing campaign. 22,000 cars were sold on the first day of sales, and a record 417,000 cars sold within one year! "Mustang" madness had begun...

From there, sales exploded, quickly surpassing the one million mark. Different versions were produced: the coupe, a convertible, then a Fastback version. This variant, initially unpopular, later became the most popular with collectors. The Ford Mustang MkI model would undergo several reworkings between 1964 and 1973. Forms were redesigned in 1967 to make it a more aggressive car, as well as in 1969, and lastly in 1971 , with more angular curves. It was then at the height of its glory, and was even driven by James Bond in "Diamonds are Forever".

Since the early 1970s were marked by an oil crisis and the end of an era of splendor, designers decided to completely restyle the Mustang. Sports cars sales in the US were down, due in part to lower speed limits, rising insurance premiums, and environmental and safety pressures. Consumers at the time were looking for more economical, less gas-guzzling vehicles. So it was a compact car from Ford that would serve as a model for this new generation: the Ford Pinto! The newest Ford featured a 4 cylinder engine, versus 8 for the MkI. This MkII is presented without a convertible or coupe versions. Despite criticisms that the car was underpowered, in the first year over 375,000 vehicles were sold.

The end of the financial crisis coincided with the launch of the 3rd series of Mustangs, as the Ford Mustang MkIII was presented in September 1978. It was created on a bigger base than its predecessor. Its power was then increased, making it possible to give the driver 142 horsepower, and up to 177 for the 1984 model year. Its performance remained normal overall, with some MkI versions featuring better performance than the MkIII, and it was mostly its very modern design that helped it stand out with the public. Its forms, with right angles and its large windows were a revolution in automobile design. The convertible was also back, with certain variants, like the 1982 GT or the 1984 SVO.

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